History House Museum - Grey District Council

In early 2018 the Grey District Council set up a pop-up museum exhibition at 130 Mackay Street, Greymouth, after the original History House Museum in Gresson Street was closed (early 2017) due to earthquake prone building concerns.

I was commissioned to design the information boards for the pop-up museum. All photos, photo acknowledgements and copy text was supplied by Liz Burke, the Manager of Library & Museum Services.
I was also supplied a Grey District branding & style guide which led me to the colour palette and some graphic elements to use. My expertise was used to design boards that were visually appealing as well as easy to read - the key being good compositions.

The project totalled over 40 boards - most of which were 1820mm high by 920mm wide. Other signage was also required.

The pop-up museum was resounding success, after the lease expired it moved in May 2021 to a new location at 8 Mackay Street.

I was again briefed mid 2022 to design more information boards in the same style for additional subject matters.